She wears my ring…Wedding of Gaby & Barb

Wedding of Gabriel & Barbara Cornelius – 24th Sept 2011

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. ~ 1 Cor 13:7 NLT

Finding true love in the 21st century is quite a daunting task… In South Africa alone there are over 49 million people (hmmm…scary thought), and yet isn’t it amazing how two people can find one another, and know that ‘this is the right one for me…’. So how exactly can one know for sure who that special person is, and how does one go about finding them; and why would anyone want to anyway?

Thankfully, I’m not planning on answering any of those questions :), as I surely am no expert on love; nor do I hold any special knowledge on the subject, but yet I find myself writing on this topic having been inspired by this lovely couple…

In one of my all time favorite movies ‘Dan in real life’, there’s a quote that’s always stood out for me that helps me put it into perspective… “Love is not an emotion, it’s an ability”. I’ve found that saying to be so true in my own life, as it simply implies that love is an action, an act of serving, honoring, protecting, cherishing, loving…

And like any ability, it requires practice, and if any of you have ever had to practice for anything it usually means that there are some obstacles ahead that require a certain amount of sweat and tears to overcome, so make sure you’re in it for the right reasons.

I believe that you can choose to love someone everyday (preferably the same person in the context of marriage) no matter what the circumstances… Note, I didn’t say you have a choice in who you love, and from my humble personal experience being married to my lovely wife, I just kinda knew that I knew the first time I met her…

So what exactly is the point I’m trying to make… heck, I don’t know, I got lost trying to read this paragraph over again in any case… but all I do know is that I just know that I know that I know I love my wife and my son with a love that is so fierce it sometimes scares me… makes you wonder where this love came from ;)… (1 John 4, hint hint)

So yes, I acknowledge that there are many views and opinions on this topic, but the one’s that matter most to me are the ones that matter most to me… so that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…good luck ‘finding nemo’…

Love will find a way…

Despite literally being knocked over by a train and surviving (for real, I kid you not….kinda reminds me of a song by Bruno Mars, hehe), Gabriel a.k.a ‘Ironman’ Cornelius stepped up to the plate on the 24th of September 2011 and made Barbara Olsen his beloved wife.

It gives me great comfort and hope to know that even after this young couple have both scored their half century’s, that love can still cause a man to go week in the knees and act like a nervous teen, and a woman to well, I wouldn’t know…have butterflies and fluttering eyebrows I guess…

The pastor mentioned a song from Elvis, ‘She wears my ring’, and it reminded me so much of a song my mom & pops in law always sing :). I went and found the lyrics, and here’s an extract from the song which goes like this…

She wears my ring to show the world that she belongs to me
She wears my ring to show the world she’s mine eternally
With loving care I placed it on her finger
To show my love for all the world to see

Gaby & Barb, your love for each other inspires us all… continue to keep the flame of love burning bright… you know, thank you verrry verrry much (Clive, you know mos :)).

PS. Although I wasn’t the official photographer on the day, here are some of the photo’s I managed to take with limited equipment I had (it’s so lucky how I always seem to have my camera handy for such occasions…heehee…, just wish I had my flash with me at the time, aahhh, oh well).




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