Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Family in studio…

…and BOOM!!! Off she went running circles around everything and anything; a whirlwind of pink blur, fairy wings, smiles, laughter & bubbles :)!!!

With Adam White following closely, and soon enough passing little miss pwetty with his boundless energy and cute curly determination to track down everything in his path, including poking the flash lighting with part of a toy (apparently not as indestructible as we thought) he managed to dismantle within seconds of being let loose.

Oh what fun we had, snapping up these two little speedsters whenever they paused for a split second…and of course, my little model of the day, Kirsten Adams, who as usual never shies away from the camera, provided us with some entertaining moments and squeals of laughter and fun, all the while taking good care of her little cousin Micah, who I managed to catch some nice shots of with his mommy and aunty Grizelda for my first family shoot in studio…

Thanks to my lovely wife Crystal for managing to last the whole session with our little kiddo, Micah, while I was shooting away trying to catch Kirsten with her mom, the audacious miss Grizelda “Zadah Designer Wear” ;), who brought with about a million bags of designer clothing and props :). No doubt, there’ll be some more photos to follow soon :).

The other energy ball you see in the shots belongs to Deon & Nazli, who I’m glad was able to join us for this photo shoot. Boy oh boy, Adam has energy, makes me wonder what I have to look forward to with our son Micah, who already seems to be showing signs of an unusually high amount of energy…hmmm…oh well, hehe…lots of fun in the making, can’t wait :). Which reminds me, note to self…bring with at least 1 x 5 litre of Red Bull for next time, hehe… 🙂

Also, a big thanks to Sally Mellish who helped tremendously with the lighting, you’re a star!

Without further ado, here are the photos shot at Black Dog Studios, Observatory… 🙂

Loving the Light :)…

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