Something for the ladies…

Fashion, Food & Friends…

I popped around to support my sister’s designer fashion sale on the 30th of September, and managed to catch them setting up before the sale started.

‘Zadah Designer Wear’ is really starting to flourish, and I am so proud of my little sister Grizelda who’s doing really great things! Here are some photo’s of the fashionista’s doing their thing, with some other designer labels such as ‘Vivacity’ & ‘Leila Jade’ adding their own style & flair to the sale. It’s great to see all the friends & family that came out to support, you guys rock, keep spreading the word… 🙂

Good luck, and God bless ya G! Looking forward to your next ventures, keep up the great work!

Loving the Light…

2 thoughts on “Something for the ladies…

  1. you missed me Elton…The Diva.. you know
    Zadah Designer wear is the best!!!! Thank God for Grizelda coming into my life! her creations,material and PATIENCE make me the DIVA!!!

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