Class… This is Juffrou Biggs :)

Zadah Designer Wear Pattern Class – 22nd Oct 2011

And so it begins…

Zadah Designer Wear’s pattern class was a big hit with the ladies who signed up for the very first session led by none other than the up and coming designer ‘Grizelda Biggs Adams’, the little lady with lots of fashion experience and a fresh punchy big attitude to go along with it.

Shooting this class was an interesting learning experience even for me, as I never thought that fashion designing could be so complicated. I take my hat off to all the ladies who attended, they were all so absolutely focused and completely absorbed on what they were learning from the little master of style, they hardly even noticed me shooting away :).

Each student received an all-encompassing design kit, to go with the muffins and coffee which kept on drawing my attention ;). The ladies sure looked like they were having such fun learning all about pattern making, and getting all these personal little tips from a style guru was really appreciated by all.

It was so great to see Zadah Designer Wear doing great things, I’m sure this little ‘bigg’ fashionista will continue to be blessed and go from strength to strength. Please do go and have a look at her facebook page and ‘Like’ it so you can stay in touch with all the latest ‘happening’ fashion trends and more exciting classes coming soon…

Pity I couldn’t have stayed for lunch, but maybe next time :).

Loving the Light…

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