In Memory of the ‘Mo’…

In memory of the mo… Movember 2010

So last year I decided to take up the Movember challenge for charity, and at the end of the month I remember promising myself that I would never do something like that again…EVER!

Well, that was last year, and it would seem that the challenge has risen once again!

However, my wife took some photos of me on the very last day of November so I could remind myself of the irritating fuzz that once occupied my face. Now, I don’t know about you but the Charles Bronson look just doesn’t really work for me, and to be quite honest it was probably the most excruciating and slowest form of torture that I could possibly have put myself through, and so I constantly had to remind myself that it was after all for a good course…

So this year although I’m still having doubts, in the spirit of all things ‘Mo’ I will more than likely do a ‘lite’ version as last years ‘let the fuzz grow freely’ definitely caused some fuzzy consternation. Although, I’m more likely to follow in the footsteps of the French rugby coach, Marc Lievremont, than our own beloved Springbok coach, Pieter de Villiers (although that’s a whole other story).

Oh well, here are the photos of last year for your enjoyment… let me know what your opinion on Movember is and if you think it’s worth it… (see )

Loving the Light…

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