Hanging with the Parkers :)

Parker Family Shoot…

Had loads of fun with this family in studio, and their two boys who have so much energy, they couldn’t stop jumping.

And talk about love birds… Mom & Dad couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, not sure if they forgot about the camera in the room; they are definitely still very much head over heels in love.

Bev & Vern, you guys have an awesome family; your boys are really talented and blessed to have you as parents. Your boys certainly looked like they had fun strutting their stuff:), hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.

Here are a few of the photos of the session, enjoy:)!!

Loving the Light…

12 thoughts on “Hanging with the Parkers :)

  1. Oh my word Elton this is amazing. Thanks for this. These are memories we will never forget !!! U did a great job and we look so so great !!!

  2. Hey I’m impressed with your tallent.l
    I am marrýing Beverley Parkers brother next year. What wedding packages do you have ?I am contemplating having a preshoot 🙂 let me know thánks.

    • Why thanks very much for the compliment my dear Olivia :). And I’d say a congratulations are in order!!! You must be soooo excited, weddings are always such a blast to photo. I will send you some info via email.

  3. All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! I like the way you capture the real person and personality. These pics a re a true reflection of this family, bubbly and always smiling. Of course your talent enhanced what’s inside of them. Not good but Great!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I agree, the vibe coming from this family has been captured by your lens, Elton. Keep on feeding your talent.

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