The Roodt Family in Studio…

The Roodt Family in Studio…

I’ve known this lovely family for many many years, when the world was still young as they say, and size 28 jeans was still a possibility for me ;).

Since meeting them, we’ve always been great friends, and I’ve watched as they’ve grown and have raised their two boys from tiny tots to little grown men, although I must add that Clive seems to be slowly but surely loosing  out in the ‘tallest man in the house’ department to Carlo, the aspiring pilot :), hehe.

And so at long last, after re-scheduling quite a few times I finally managed to get the Roodt family in studio. 🙂

And what a colourful and talented bunch they are, from moonwalk to masquerading, to model airplanes and music, this wonderful family has it all :). So for those of you who know Clive, you can just imagine how much my stomach hurt from laughing, from start to finish. I’m glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves so much, especially Clive and Natasha, wink wink, hehe ;).

Thanks guys for a great shoot, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and let me know when little piano master Evan is ready for another photo shoot, hehe.

With that, enjoy the photo’s, and stay blessed.

Loving the Light…

6 thoughts on “The Roodt Family in Studio…

  1. Looks like u guys enjoyed urself so much! Nice pics and colours. I love the aqua t shirts and the green feathers!

  2. Great pictures. Well done Elton. The colours are fantastic. Looks like you’ll have to update their photos as the boys grow and the parents shrink.

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