Toffee Apple, Anyone? Lutheran Church Festival

Lutherse Wyk Nooitgedacht – 2011, Oct 1st

Early one Saturday morning I arrived at the wedding of Paul & Naomi (photos to follow soon :)) as the second shooter for my buddy Eugene, to photograph the groom & his family getting ready for the big day.

Only to realize I had actually showed up about 2 hours to early :), I then decided to venture outside to explore the area, and as luck would have it there was some sort of festival going on at a church right across from the house I was waiting at :)!

So armed with my camera, I introduced myself to the pastor of the ‘Selfstandige Lutherse Kerk Nooitgedacht’ and asked if he wouldn’t mind if I took some shots of the festivities, which he was quite happy for me to do :)! The members of the church at first seemed very guarded, but quickly warmed up once someone in the crowd shouted “Hy moet sieke van die ‘Voice’ wees”, which is a local newspaper I believe, LOL, to which I just smiled, shrugged and said, oh well, and carried on shooting these wonderful & bubbly people who were supporting the Springboks for the World Cup 2011 :).

I do quite enjoy these little opportunities to just shoot away with my nifty fifty lens :). The rest of course, is history…


Loving the Light…

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