Happy Birthday Céyla-Zoë!

Céyla-Zoë 7th Birthday Party, 2011 Dec 21

When I arrived at the scene of Céyla-Zoë’s 7th birthday party,  I was greeted by a bale of hay and a cute little photo placed on top of it that read “Welcome to my horse party” :). My first thought was, “oh cool, a horse party, YAY”! This would make for an interesting birthday shoot for this lovely little lady :).

Mom & Dad, Candice & Mark Syce, sure went all out with the themed birthday party for their lovely daughter who was “born to love horses :)”. I can’t imagine all the effort they must have put into this, because really, where do you find a bale of hay & horse & cart to go along with it.

The party was loads of fun, as I got to spend time with my favorite sized little people who were super excited for the little horse & cart rides (where did they find this mini pony, haha), marshmallows over the fire & jumping on a trampoline! Mind you, I don’t think I was designed for jumping on a trampoline, but I gave it a go and got mauled by about 20 kids who thought it was quite hilarious to jump on the photographer, hehe (Thanks Garth for the pics :))…got to love these kids, they sure know how to enjoy themselves :).

Céyla-Zoë and her little sister Maree are such delightful girls, with so much passion & energy it’s easy to see why their parents love them so much. This beautiful family is truly blessed and loved by God, it’s easy to see the way mom & dad get along with these great kids. I’m sure mom & dad can tell you some stories about discipline though ;), but from where I was standing it’s clear that this little family will forever be blessed and continue to be a blessing to others.

I also managed to get some really great shots of the family on the hay stack sitting on their front porch, which included a couple shoot of mom & dad who clearly are crazy about each other, #crazy-sweet love birds!

Céyla-Zoë, I’m sure you had lots of fun, I know I sure did. Happy birthday my little niece, continue to be a blessing to your parents and stay as sweet and bossy as you are. With a punchy, sweet & confident attitude like that, you’ll go far in life my girl.

Enjoy the photo’s…

Loving the Light…

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