Happy Birthday Maree Erin!

Maree – Erin Syce 5th Birthday Party! 2012, Jan 5th.

A rainbow fairy party! What a lovely idea for this beautiful young lady who turned 5 years old on the 5th of Jan 2012 :).

I had shot Maree’s sister’s birthday (Céyla-Zoë) just a few weeks before this, in fact it was on the 21st of Dec 2011, so really feel for mom & dad (Candice  & Mark) who have girls with birthdays so close to each other, and yet put as much effort into making this birthday a wonderful experience for their beautiful little daughter.

With rainbow cake, rainbow jelly, fairy wings & fairy fruit, it was such a colourful party I just couldn’t help myself and as usual ended up taking way too many photos. I also had the pleasure of having my wife & son with me (5 months at the time :)), so really had a fun time taking photos of all the pretty little fairies & the awesome decor that mom & dad had created.

I have to say though, that I had never seen presents opened so fast by a group of super enthusiastic fairies, who were simply bursting at the opportunity to help Maree open her gifts :). But the moment of the day for me was when it was time to blow out the candles, and little Maree went from commander in charge to sweet & shy in a split second, & could only manage the courage to step back into the limelight once again with mom holding her tight, & dad standing close by to encourage little Maree :). Such an overwhelming moment that I know Candice & Mark will forever treasure it while they still can. They do tend to grow up so fast don’t they…oh what a great thing it is to be blessed with kids.

My second most awesome moment of the day was when the cake was cut & seeing the inside of the rainbow :), which I have to tell you I particularly enjoyed (only 1 slice of course, hehe). The girls even had a cool pool that Mark had setup for them in the shade, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and even ended up wetting anyone who came close enough so I didn’t hang around to long because apparently lugging a big camera around is like wearing a huge target 🙂 on your chest.

So I had fun as always, I do so enjoy kids parties, a real blast and I must add quite a workout. And here are a few of the photos of the day, hope you enjoy!

Loving the Light…

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