Uncle Salie’s Birthday!

Solomon Biggs, 2011 Dec 29

I haven’t had much time of late to upload any pics, but due to popular demand, here are the photos from the main man himself, Salie Biggs.

These photos were taken at my main china & cousin’s Nigel & Gill’s new place in Richwood. Looking forward to the wedding guys, really can’t wait, hehe…

So lets just say when the Biggs family come together they sure know how to drown out the sound of silence (Sonia, Dellmaine, Natasha, Nigel, Gill, Crystal, Grizelda, Auntie Katie, and the list goes on!!!) ;)…hehe

…and its back to the books for me, until next time, Enjoy! ;).

Loving the Light…

PS. I don’t know you get from Solomon to Salie, but that’s the way the Biggs’ies roll, hahaha 🙂

3 thoughts on “Uncle Salie’s Birthday!

  1. Yip, your standard never drops I see. You really have an eye for photography and we can all see how much you enjoy it. Click, click, click and sometimes we don’t even know. Thanks for capturing our memorable moments.

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