Valentines Surprise

IT Guys Valentines Surprise! 2011, Feb 14

A few of my work mates, Deon & Ricardo, came up with an idea to surprise our wives on valentines day with some flowers and chocolates…

“Excellent plan” I said, and then realized I hadn’t brought my camera along! Thank goodness Deon brought his gear along (Shot Deon)!!! …and so off to the market we went to pick up some flowers & chockies, and then each of us paid a visit to our spouses who were quite ‘surprised’ :). What a great laugh we had. And what was funny was how nervous each of us got in anticipation of meeting our ladies, hehe, kinda reminded me of my wedding day (All the guys felt the nerves, hehe). Never seen the guys blush so much, hahaha, me included…baie snaaks!

Some of the photos were taken by grand master Deon, thanks for the camera gear!!!

So here are the pics of our valentine’s surprise excursion, there are a couple of blurry ones, but I liked’em so hey, here they are.

I’ve also included some photos at the end of the Stig’s South African cousin, René, hehe… Enjoy!

Loving the Light…

3 thoughts on “Valentines Surprise

  1. Great stuff!!! luv the pics!!! thanks babe luv u stax! thnx guys for the pics and the videos!!! IT guys can be romatic!!!! lol!!!

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