Boetie & Joanie’s 43rd Anniversary!

The Wedding Anniversary of Gabriel & Joan Biggs, 2011, Dec 28

Wowser!!! 43 Years is a long time! My wife & I will be married for 4 years on the 29th of March this year :), still a long way for us to go! The deepest regret I have is not getting married sooner, but hey, so glad I ended up with my best friend for life :).

My mom & dad (in laws) are such an amazing example to us, I’m really glad to have learnt so much from them and still learning! And of course, the usual suspects were there to celebrate the day with us (Aunt Katie, Uncle Salie, Dellmaine, Tash, Clive & a special appearance by Faith & her daughter Rachel), it’s great to have such awesome family who you just can’t get rid of, especially that noisy Biggs clan, hahaha, only playing, love you guys all to bits.

So of course, the evening was taken over by our little miss pwetty & her karaoke show, followed by Evan on the dance floor (looked more like wobbling, hehe) and Rachel with her crazy big smile who showed us how to do the ‘shuffle’ (Apparently looks like something called the running man from my days, hehe). It also included Evan & Carlo opening Christmas gifts that were still lying underneath the Christmas tree :).

But the biggest surprise of the evening for me was the Roodt clan and their new hairstyles :)!!! Bleached blonde highlights & Nike swoosh styled shaves, LOL!!! What a great evening, will always treasure these family get together’s. Without further ado, here are the photos, a little bit late, ;), enjoy!

Loving the Light…

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