Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma Johannesen!

Jemma’s 2 Year Birthday Celebration 🙂 ~ 18 March, 2012

I took these photos of super cute little miss Jemma a few weeks back at the house of Tony & Dano Johannesen.

Always great spending time with these beautiful little girls, while catching up with good friends.

It seems like only yesterday since I held little baby Jemma in my arms when she had just been born. Now, two years later she’s grown into an amazingly beautiful little princess! Jemma’s older sister, Hannah, is another pretty little lady with an unlimited amount of energy; always great to catch on camera if you can catch her! 🙂 What a pity Jemma took an afternoon nap, so was out for the count for most of the time I was there :(, but I managed to get some good photos of her nonetheless, Yay! 🙂

Great kids, inspiring parents, one really blessed family. I love one of the photos I took inside the kitchen, which shows a blackboard up against the wall with some thought provoking & inspiring words… “Your words that you speak today will determine what you will have tomorrow”. This just goes to show, mom & dad are really speaking into the lives of their little ones, as well as many friends & family who’ve come over for a cup of coffee and have spent some time in the kitchen :).

Tony & Dano, it was a real pleasure spending time with you & your beautiful family, thanks for asking me to capture these lovely ladies! I look forward to the next little adventure we have lined up…

Enjoy the photos!

Loving the Light…

5 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Jemma Johannesen!

  1. As usual, stunning Elton.
    Girls are absolutely gorgeous Tony & Dano, you’ll need strength from above when they get older cause they will turn heads!!!!

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