Baptism of Callum Faure

Baptism of Callum Faure ~ 24th June, 2012

Tracy-Lee Faure, another member of the Biggs clan (My wife’s family), contacted me a few weeks before the baptism of her son, Callum, to ask if I’d be able to shoot the event.

Both Tracy & her husband, Craig, originally from Cape Town, would be traveling from Johannesburg where they live to Cape Town for a bit of a holiday, and we had a bit of difficulty confirming an exact date for the shoot, as they also wanted a family portrait shoot to be taken at the same time of the baptism. Typically, I would prefer shooting family portraits in studio, and although I have a mobile lighting setup, it’s not as effective as controlled lighting in a studio. However, looking at the results of the shoot, I must say that it didn’t come out too bad.

Of course, you’d have to say that having such a beautiful family to photograph makes it that much easier to get good shots, and the Faure family certainly have two handsome boys, adventurous Luke, big brother to little Callum, who’s baptism took place at St John Bosco church in Portlands. Then there’s mom & dad, who, as they were posing for a few photographs together, turned into a hot couple shoot :). It’s always great to see people connect in front of the camera, and these two love birds looked the part (always reminds me of wedding photos :)). You can tell the couple are in love, and even after all these years, sparks are still flying.

I had fun as always, thanks Tracy & Craig for choosing me to photograph your wonderful family! Hopefully we’ll see each other soon, it’s been a while since my family and I have been to Jozi, who knows…

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Loving the Light…

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