Truly inspiring! After many years of hoping, praying, tears, frustration, and more prayers, my very good friend Eugene & his wife Candice’s prayers were finally answered. They are now expecting little GG (God’s Gift) next year March 2013, and I am so truly happy for them. This is the testimony of courage, faith & hope that will inspire those of you who are earnestly waiting for your miracle. May you be blessed by this wonderful message of hope…
Loving the Light…


Hi there, my name is GG.  My dad calls me GIGI, because he likes the French but it’s actually GG, meaning God’s Gift.  That’s what my parents decided to temporarily call me until I’m born.  For now, I’m just a heartbeat and my mom and dad can’t stop looking at my sonar pic.  Hehe, they so cute but you’ve got to give it to them, they waited a while.  The doc said I’ll be having my coming out party on 27 March 2013, the exact same day that my dad proposed to my mom back in 2005.  Mom would be ecstatic if I stick to the time because she’s such a romantic dreamer… I wish I could hug her right now.  But I don’t have arms yet 🙂  My Creator works differently.  

He first created me, and then He made me, or is it the other way around?  It’s…

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One thought on “GIGI: A MESSAGE OF HOPE

  1. Ok so you guys made me cry early in the morning. Shall I send you a box tissues as a gift cause you’re gonna be crying from joy all the way from here. Children are truelly God’s gift even when they are teens and you no longer feel that way. Just last night my 17 year old was hanging on me and didn’t want to let go, I love those moments, so precious.

    Enjoy the trip Eugene and Candice.

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