The Wedding of James & Glynnis

James & Glynnis ~ Saturday, 14th July 2012

There’s something so amazing about weddings! It’s always fascinating to watch the day unfold.

Doing my last minute checks, I’ve packed and checked by bag at least 10 times. Equipment’s all there. Batteries are charged. All good to go.

Yet, somehow I always feel like I’m unprepared. Missing something. And, I can never quite put my finger on it. Arriving at the brides house, I tell myself, “you’ve done this before, nothing to it”. Yet somehow my heart starts to beat just a little faster. My hands feel uncoordinated, palms a little sweaty. And then I feel it, that nervous tingly sensation. Wedding butterflies! 🙂

Something truly wonderful is about to take place!

A fleeting thought runs through my head… “I’ve been here before”.

Taking hold of my camera, I pull myself together. The familiar feel of the camera calms me. I check the settings, look through the lens, and realize that someone I know is about to take a leap of faith.

And there she is, The Bride!

Apprehensive, maybe a little nervous, yet quietly content…happy. Glynnis looks far too relaxed. Surrounded by her family, they say a quick prayer. She’s absolutely glowing with excitement. Blessed.

As we prepare to leave, I wonder what she’s thinking. I quietly go about snapping away.

Arriving at the church, everyone’s excited. People are smiling. And time feels like its standing still, yet flying by all at once.

As the bride enters the church hall, all eyes turn toward her. At that moment, I look towards James to see his expression. He looks so calm. Peaceful. I don’t remember feeling calm. I try to recall what I felt like at my wedding, but can’t quite remember…

And then it hits me. All I remember was seeing my wife, and pretty much nothing else :). And as I grin to myself, I see a huge beaming smile break out across James’ face as he sees his Bride. As the couple take hands, James leads his bride-to-be down the aisle.

As the ceremony proceeds, I look at the friends and family in the crowd, who haven’t stopped smiling. I wonder if their cheeks are going to be sore? 🙂

Within a few minutes they’re married! The Pastor announces them as Husband and Wife, and everyone celebrates! 🙂

My friends, James and Glynnis, the two of you truly make a beautiful couple. You need only sit and listen to your testimony to know that you are loved by God.I sincerely enjoyed taking these photos, and I hope that these memories bring you as much joy as I had capturing them.

May the Lord continue to bless you, and keep you.

Loving the Light…

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