Azaria’s 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Azaria Gordon!

Sugar & spice, and all things nice… That’s what little girls are made of! 🙂

I shot Azaria’s very first birthday party a little while back. Mom & Dad, Hilary & Gavin Gordon, were pretty excited for their lovely little girls very first birthday! And what a beautiful little girl Azaria is, I sure had fun capturing these moments, especially her big brother Connor, who was pretty camera shy, but clearly very adventurous.

With quite a few other family members and friends there on the day, it’s clear that Azaria certainly is well loved by all… I also had the pleasure of having my wife & son with me there, so needless to say, I had a pretty awesome day! 🙂

Hilary & Gavin, you truly have a wonderful little family, and one extremely beautiful little girl. I wish you all the best, and hope you treasure all these moments while she’s so young, they do tend to fly by so quickly. God bless, and until we meet again… enjoy the photos.

Loving the Light…

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