Robyn White

Robyn White, Settlers High School Matric 2013


The lovely Robyn White is the daughter of a friend of mine, Deon White. I had some good fun capturing photos of Robyn and partner, Lucienne Vogel, as well as some of her family and friends before she left for the ball.

Unfortunately, Settlers have their own photographers, so I was only able to capture photos of the matriculants leaving home. I was told that Settlers High matric ball is quite an extravaganza, and so headed off to the school to see if I could catch some images of the matriculants arriving. After 30 minutes of trying to find parking, I eventually managed to find my way to the entrance and was greeted by a scene of glitz and glamor, similar to an Oscar event.

A parade of exotic cars (easily over half a million each) stretched as far as the eye could see. As each student was escorted from the cars into a cordoned off red carpeted area surrounded by a throng of people, a large group of paparazzi greeted them with a blast of flash lights that scared even me. I naturally hopped right into paparazzi mode, but after a few minutes of extreme elbow wrestling (which I curiously enjoyed), I decided to pack it up and head off back home.

An interesting experience, perhaps I should brush up on some kung fu first before trying that again.

Robyn, I hope you and Lucienne enjoy the photos as I much as I had fun taking them.

Loving the Light…




Robyn_White_Matric_2013-04 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-05

Robyn_White_Matric_2013-06 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-07 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-08 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-09 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-10 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-11 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-12Robyn_White_Matric_2013-13 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-14 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-15 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-16 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-17 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-18 Robyn_White_Matric_2013-19

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