Amy & Ricardo

Wedding of Amy & Ricardo ~ 28 Sept 2013

Amy_&_Ricardo-43What a beautiful couple!

I shot Amy & Ricardo’s enagement photos earlier this year, and simply knew that for their wedding I was in for a real treat of gorgeous images. Well, the bride and groom certainly didn’t disappoint, and the day although somewhat cloudy and cool, was actually perfect for photos.

We had quite a bit of fun in the garden. It’s always great when the bridal party are up for trying new things, and with such lovely colors I’m glad we spent a little bit more time in the chilly air, and captured some wonderful memories.

And so Amy Biggs became Amy Dudley. And can you believe that after 8 years of pursuing this lovely bride, Ricardo finally got what he had been praying for. A true gentlemen, and a charming bride, I’m certain that both parents can be proud of this marriage.

Ricardo & Amy, I wish you well with the future. Have a wonderful time getting to know one another, and hope that you enjoy the photos.

Loving the Light…

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