Noleen & Christopher

The Marriage of Noleen & Christopher ~ 5 Oct, 2013

Christopher is the kind of guy who when you meet for the first time, he’ll strike up a conversation as if you’ve known each other for a very long time.

An old high school friend of my wife, we met a couple of years ago and in a very short space of time have gotten to know each other really well. Following our introduction came the story of ‘Vissie’, a tale told by my wife and her sister, of how when their friendship started many years ago back at high school, and how they couldn’t believe that the little guy they remember had actually grown up :).

And then I learned a bit about his past, and the hardships he’d gone through… and how he had overcome them. I suppose we all have our own tales to tell, but I guess what amazed me the most about this guy was how happy, motivated and driven he is. Most importantly, if you spoke to him now, you’d learn and know without a shadow of a doubt that he is a wholehearted follower of Christ.

After learning that he was engaged, he later on called me up to inform me that he wanted me to take photos at his wedding, and that absolutely no one else would do. Well, I was stoked and very humbled to say the least, and what followed was the beginning of a friendship with a guy who I saw had amazing faith in action despite all the odds stacked against him. For those that know his story, it is truly inspiring how God can mold a life into a success.

My introduction to Noleen came at our first wedding consultation at her home, where I got to know her very shy and sweet personality. With personalities at rather opposite ends of the spectrum, Chris is very talkative whereas Noleen is very much to herself. Watching the two of them interact, you can see that he loves to take care of her, and the two of them get along very well.

With their engagement photo shoot scheduled one week prior to the wedding day, I was very happy when the day finally arrived and I got the chance to capture their special day. One thing I have to mention is the great turn out at the ceremony of family and friends, as well as all of the wonderful people of Gospel Ramah Church in Salt River who supported and blessed this couple. What a great family church…

Noleen and Christopher, as the days become years, may your marriage blossom, and go from strength to strength. Stay blessed, and continue to be a blessing to others…

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed sharing your special day with you. God bless.

Loving the Light…



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