Amanda & Family

Amanda Willenburgh & Family ~ Portrait Shoot

It’s always good to catchup with family, especially where there are little ones involved.

Amanda is my wonderful, beautiful and amazing cousin, and has been my cousin since I was born – I know right, amazing fun fact (but I absolutely have to say nice things about her as she may have embarrassing kiddie photos of me). When she asked me take some photos of her little family I jumped at the chance as I haven’t really seen her kiddos Armani & Gianni in such a long while. Then doubling up the shoot with her younger sister Candice, my other crazy cousin, and her two daughters, Maree & Céyla-Zoë, could only make for some interesting comments as those who know them will have been entertained many times before.

This sweet little family don’t understand what it means to be shy, so I had no issues getting them to relax and have fun in front of the camera. There was coffee (and tea for me), some crazy hair moments, and some of the usual negotiations that place when you’re trying to photograph kids, but we had lots of fun and smiles as my little nieces entertained away.

Amanda, thanks for asking me to capture these moments. They’re precious to me, and it means a lot when it’s family and I get to say ‘hey those are my photos of those beautiful girls’ that someone will use one day at their 21st, or graduation, or even wedding ceremonies… who knows. To be a part of that memory of their childhood is pretty special, and with such wonderful kids as these, I’m sure you’re very proud of them with their cute little toes and little button nose, as you watch them grow into everything that they could possibly dream of.

With that, hope you love the photos as much as I love capturing them. Stay blessed, and as sweet as you are.

Loving the Light…

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