Kristen & Ethan’s Matric Ball

Kristen & Ethan’s Matric Ball ~ 2 Oct 2014

EWPHOTO-2I shot this stunning couple at home for their Matric ball photos…

Ethan is the son of a friend of mine, Eliza Fortuin and her hubby Enziegh. Eliza just loves being in front of the camera… no wait, I’m confusing her with someone else, LOL. Special thanks to Bianca for the photo shoot invite! 🙂

A shame we didn’t get to spend much more time together on the day. I would have loved to play around in that magical hour just as the sun was setting, capturing a lot more creative images of these two. And as luck would have it, they had one of my all time favorite cars, a Shelby Cobra, as one of their matric ball cars. Hmm… My how times have changed… I remember catching a lift for my matric ball as it were back in my time in a car which name shall forever be blotted out from the history books. Perhaps some day when I’m big and there’s time travel I can go back to…, oh wait, day dreaming again there for a second, oh well, Shelby Cobra’s will do that to you, worth the thought… 🙂

Ethan & Kristen, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I always enjoy capturing these moments! You two should consider hanging out in front of the camera more often, seriously beautiful couple. I didn’t really get enough time to know you guys well enough, but if you ever feel like you’re up for some photo time again, please do give me call… promise I’ll make it worthwhile :).

Loving the Light…



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